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HFM in MetalForm China 2017

2017 China International Metalforming Exhibition (MetalForm China 2017) organized by Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center from Sept. 19 to Sept. 22, 2017. This exhibition, as one of the six world famous professional exhibitions in metalforming field, is the only national exhibition in China that focuses on forging, stamping and sheet metal processing.

HFM, a drafter of national and industrial standards in China, attended MetalForm China 2017 with its stand as S020 and displayed its charisma to the world.

Guests at the exhibition spoke highly of HFM and showed a strong interest in our products.

Forging transfer hydraulic press, main product of HFM at this exhibition, can be used in forging of aluminum and magnesium alloys and can be applied in aerospace, nuclear power, automotive and even bicycle sharing industry.

Sample of forging forming parts

Advanced electrohydraulic technology and precision control technology are applied in HFM’s products including precise mould forging hydraulic press, free forging hydraulic press, multi direction precise mould forging hydraulic press, hub forging hydraulic press, precise cold extruding hydraulic press, isothermal forging hydraulic press and hot mould forging hydraulic press etc. HFM is known for its diversity of product and service in forging field.

14500 ton multi direction mould forging hydraulic press

Isothermal forging hydraulic press

HFM is a large equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service of all kinds of high-precision products such as hydraulic press, mechanical press, color selection machine and so on. We can offer a complete solution from component development to efficient production systems. At this exhibition, HFM showed its new products, new technology and new processing. Main products promoted at this exhibition included new technology and processing in forging transfer hydraulic press, "Intelligent Island", high-strength hot stamping complete sets, auto-stamping of large car covers, stainless steel cold, hot sealing head forming, high pressure forming, precision forging, large isothermal forging and high-speed turnout forming.

Machine tool market in China is witnessing a profound change. Intelligent manufacturing, automation package, customization and universal shift upgrade are becoming the main direction of market demand structure upgrading. In order to adapt to the new changes in market demand, HFM focuses on developing science and technology, and continuously provides product technology and service mode that meet the new requirements of customers. We have been obtaining new impetus for our own development via transformation and upgrading 

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